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If you’d like to launch your own business OR if you want to grow your current business, there are certain mindset strategies you will need in order to appropriately prioritize your time and narrow down your focus.

This course has 6 lessons about your Lifestyle Audit, Building Confidence, Finding Your Niche and more strategies and steps that we use to create our business plan, run day-to-day operations and scale our business.


We all have the same amount of time in each day. However, some people appear to be more productive then others. Why is this? It’s simple. Some people are more efficient with their time.

In this course are 5 lessons that walk you through a timeline of your work week, help you to identify areas that you can automate or outsource to save you time to invest more in your family or back into your business.


Research tells us that multi-tasking during the day causes us to lose time and be less productive. On top of that, when we aren’t organized, we tend to overwhelm ourselves with to-do lists and don’t follow up with important leads and contacts.

In this course are 5 lessons about how to organize your day, how to streamline your accounting system and how to use Simple Practice to get organized in your practice.


If you would like to simplify graph design in your business, then this is the course for you.

In this course are 5 lessons about how to build a brand in your business, such as identifying a business name and slogan, along with colors for your website. This course also walks you through how to use Canva to create your own logo, flyers, Instagram posts and more…. Essentially graph design made easy!

Building A Professional Website Course

Building a website for your private practice is typically very daunting (and expensive). But it doesn’t have to be. Having a website is important, but it doesn’t mean it has to be complicated.

In this course are 5 lessons about how to obtain a domain name, write copy, and how to use Wix (a simple website builder for non-techy people) to build your website from scratch.

Email, Contact Lists & Follow Up Course

Many people lose business by not following up with leads or contacts. Don’t let this happen to you!

In this course are 6 lessons about how to use Keap to manage all of your contacts, disseminate emails and follow ups so you don’t miss any opportunity to receive a new client. We review how to reach out to the referral network and how to set up your own professional, HIPPA complaint email address.

Online Presence & Community Course

Whether you like it or not, the online world is here and it is the wave of the future. Therapists that don’t build an online identity and community can get lost behind the crowd.

In this course are 5 lessons about how to use social media in an ethical way, to build a Facebook Business Page, to join other relevant therapy Facebook groups for networking building and how to build and use your Linkedin profile.

Marketing Course

Marketing is how you build a business, get clients and launch new programs. It is a crucial part of the business building process.

This course has 5 lessons inside about how and why to build a Psychology Today profile, how to use Clickfunnels for your Landing Pages, tips for blogging, ideas for networking, and how to film and use YouTube to build your practice. Click below to learn more!

Groups, Workshop & Event Planning Course

If you’d like to launch your own therapy group, workshop or training event, then this course is for you!

This course has 5 lessons about the exact strategies we use to identify what type of event to run, we review our event planning checklist, what online program you can use for sign ups and registration, a walk-through of how to set it up, and what system we use for automating the process.

Online Calendars & Video Programs Course

Online calendars are essential for saving you time when scheduling client appointments, networking meetings, consultations and more. There is no need to waste time emailing or texting dates back and forth anymore.

In this 5 lesson course are details about how to use Simple Practice and/or Acuity to build your online scheduling system, how to use Zoom for conducting meetings online and how to use Keap to organize it all.

Automation Funnels Course

If you are wishing to find more time in your week to grow your business or spend time with your family, then automation is the key!

Inside this 6 lesson course, we teach why and how to use programs that automate 24/7 responses, emails, registrations and more. The best part is that you spend some time setting them up, but once it’s done, it’s done. Then it runs like a well-oiled machine.

Delegating & Outsourcing Course

The ultimate way to save time and money AND to grow your business is through outsourcing. With only so many hours in the day, outsourcing certain tasks is the only way to maximize your time.

In this 5 lesson course we teach how and when to outsource, how to recruit and work with interns in your business, and how to use certain freelance programs to outsource tasks at a low cost.